Top 4 Modern Kitchen Trends of 2022

In the year 2022, we will no longer see open-plan kitchens. Instead, we will see the concept of zoning, also known as a broken-plan design. Zoning helps to create distinct areas within a large space while still maintaining the open-plan feel. Screens, freestanding furniture, cabinetry, and even house plants define different zones. These ancillary spaces serve as perfect storage areas away from the main kitchen. Larder cupboards are the ultimate status symbol. This article will share some modern luxury Italian kitchen designs for 2022.

Copper fronted cabinets

If you’re planning to install new kitchen cabinets, look for ones with a copper front. This style is a great way to add a splash of color and warmth to your kitchen. While reflective glass cabinets have become popular, copper fronted cabinets will be hot in 2022. This style features a copper front and a slightly mellower feel than the previous styles. It’s an excellent choice for small kitchens that don’t have much space.

Brass cabinetry

If you’re thinking about updating your current kitchen, you might want to consider including brass cabinetry in your design. Brass is one of the hottest trends in modern kitchen design, and it’s certainly here to stay. Brass cabinet hardware has a classic look and can be combined with many different kitchen cabinets and countertop finishes. Depending on how bold you want to go, brass can even complement other metalwork in the room. Kitchen distributors can help you decide on which style will complement the rest of your kitchen.

Built-in banquettes

When choosing a style for your built-in banquette, consider the look of your room. This may include the materials, the seating materials, and the lighting. Consider a custom-made wooden bench for a farmhouse, rustic, or traditional style. Use a white bench with brightly colored seating for a more contemporary look. This combination is both visually balanced and lighter. Aside from its practicality, this design element can also add an air of modern sophistication to the room.

Walnut cabinetry

In addition to traditional wood grain, walnut cabinetry will be seen more often in modern kitchen designs of 2022. The trend for flat-front cabinets and minimal cabinet knobs is part of the minimalism thread. These trends will help kitchen cabinetry remain as simple as possible while incorporating design details like handles. While often catching the eye, Handles are a very effective design element. Besides, they allow the cabinetry’s wood grain to speak for itself.