Facts About Arabic Culture

The Arab world is full of amazing things. We have seen abundant videos on the internet where some people are talking in Arabic and a group of angry people literally attack them. This misconception is made by some unfortunate events. But there are some multinational companies that have their main industries in gulf countries as they have the least strict rules and they have a welcoming heart towards anyone who visit their country.

You will be surprised to know that people specially learn Arabic language to become Arab influencers in Dubai as they take their jobs seriously and the brands prefer them too.

We have seen some of the best Emirati influencers who went from being almost homeless to living in villa and having luxury cars and keeping the most exotic animals. This may seem like a shocker to you but this is a kind of full-time job. If you are thinking of becoming one then we suggest that you learn basic and important aspects of the Arab culture.

  • When you say the word Arab countries, mostly only think of five or six countries but the fact is that the Arab world covers from Morocco to North Africa and to the Persian gulf. These areas are usually known as MENA which means Middle East and North Africa, this also includes Djibouti, Somalia, and the Comoros islands.
  • We think that America is the most powerful country in the world but the fact is that it is nothing without oil. This means that gulf countries may be the most powerful countries out of all as almost all of the gulf countries are rich in oil.
  • Some people also have a misconception that Arabic speaking people are less in the world but the fact is that more than 250 million people speak Arabic and the numbers are always increasing.
  • Unlike all the languages out there where people associate a person with a race, if you are an Arabic speaking person then you will not be associated with any race, at least in gulf countries.
  • Some people think that Arab countries only have Muslims in them but the fact is that these countries usually are filled with Christians, Hindus and Jews.

There are typical kind of headdresses that are specifically made for the locals of the gulf countries and a foreigner is not allowed to wear them.